Are You Ready to Add $66,236 in NEW Starts?

That is what AVA can do for you.

$66,236 in new starts is an actual number of new starts from real AVA users. Watch the video below for the details.


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Dentma's No Risk Start-up Process

Once-in-a-while, you run into an offer that you think, "that's the way it should be!".  Ava works.  Dentma knows it.  The value is clear.  Here is the No Risk offer:

  1. Sign up below, $200 for the first 60 days (Ava is $400/month, no contract)
  2. Sync Ava to your Practice Management System
  3. Train Your Team
  4. Start 2 patients from Ava in the first 60 days or get your $200 back



There is so much that Ava 3.0 can do for you and your team...


Honestly, I have no idea why you wouldn't just sign up, but here are a few things that cross my mind...

  • You are already so full you can't handle what AVA will give you...
  • You don't think you have the team that can handle that many new start requests...
  • Your TC's already don't have enough to do...
  • Your front desk never lets a prospect fall threw the cracks...

If the reason you haven't joined your colleagues yet in hiring AVA as your team's assistant is like any of the statements above, not to worry. We can help here too. AVA helps out in more ways that just the past pending patients.


Ava also helps you manage all of your incoming leads, new patient no-shows, observation patients and new patients - helping you get them in the chair.  Ava has automated follow-up sequences for each of these patient types, leading them to the next desired step, ultimately to START TREATMENT.


Been wanting to try virtual consults - Ava has that too


Wait, what about doing new patient online scheduling?  Yup, Ava does that!

Let AVA take care of the tedious work

  • Ava is the perfect team member (always working, never complains, tracks her progress)
  • Ava save you time (most precious asset)
  • Ava saves you money (gets you more starts)
  • Ava frees up your team, allowing them to show their love to those you serve

Sign Up and let AVA go to work for you

Here's how it works...

  1. We connect AVA to your practice management software
  2. We work with your point of contact to get AVA set up properly to make the most of her resources
  3. We train your team to let AVA assist them
  4. We will be with you step-by-step as you launch your first Legacy Blast (you could do it on your own, we can help optimize it's impact)
  5. We celebrate your wins with you as we monitor AVA's performance in your practice.



A robust system built to help patients start treatment!