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Manage Leads, New Patient No Shows, Observation & Pending Patients and Much Much More...

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New Lead


Every lead costs you money - as little as $15 and as much as $400 or more.  Make the most of every person who raises their hand, get them on your schedule!

Ava Does This

New Patient No Show Follow-up

When those leads do schedule, you want every effort made to get them back on the schedule when they cancel or no-show.

Ava Does This

Get Unscheduled Observation Patients on the Schedule

Never waste a great start to a relationship and the absolute highest start rate in orthodontics.

Ava Does This

Get Pending Patients to Start

This group is so close.  Nurture them and they are hugely more likely to start treatment.

Ava Does This

Thought About Doing Virtual Consults?

Offer prospects a way to get a consultation without ever leaving their couch.

Ava Does This

Real Time New Patient Online Scheduling

You don't need to just offer a form and ask what a good time would be - you can have patients actually schedule new patient appointments.


We Never Stop Innovating Ways to Help

Ava is constantly seeking new ways to help your team and practice, automating and innovating.

  • New Patient Tracker, imagine being able to send welcome messages, links to digitized new patient forms and signature pages, thank you messages, patient satisfaction surveys for all new patients.  We did and you will have it all.

  • Patient Confirmations & Reminders, with all Ava does, we thought we should just include appointment reminders and confirmation for all of your patients.

  • Case Presenter, orthodontic financials can be shocking and confusing - but Ava can help make it simple with this remarkable tool.

  • Marketing Dashboard, the highly unique and powerful nature of this feature must be kept quiet, but it is an absolute game changer.

  • Ava Chats, we already give you a way to schedule new patients, conduct a virtual consult, why not provide a way to answer questions that prospects have then guide them through to making an appointment!

  • and Much Much More, there is so much more that Ava is learning to do, each function making your practice more effective.


Once-in-a-while, you run into an offer that you think, "that's the way it should be!".  Ava works.  Dentma knows it.  The value is clear.  Here is the No Risk offer:

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A robust system built to help patients start treatment!