Introducing AVA

​Your Automated Virtual Assistant for reconnecting with patients who don't start treatment. You interact with Ava you would any other team member - and she'll do all the tedious tracking and outreach that comes along with helping patients commit to starting treatment.

I Know What Your Thinking; Dr Went to Another Conference and Now I Have More to Do! ENOUGH!

You need help, not more to do.

I know how this works. When doctor wants more done, they just hire someone else to do it or pile on an already overworked team. Sure, it may seem like a pretty small thing to the doctor, but they already don't understand the work load I have every day.


That is the unique thing about AVA - she works for you!


As your assistant, AVA is here to take the majority of the management and follow up off your plate, freeing you up to be at your best for patients.

Worry-free Automation

AVA will handle reaching out to patients getting you more starts

100% Reliable

AVA never takes a day off, misses a detail, or shows up late

HIPAA Compliant

Bank-grade security to protect yours and your patient's sensitive information

Increase Your Capacity

AVA frees up an average 2.5 hours of your time every day

AVA Makes Your Life Easier at work!

To learn more about what AVA does, watch this short video. You will be amazed at what AVA has to offer and how much she will help you.

After the video, download the brochure to share with your doctor.

The brochure is written for the doctor, so it talks about how much AVA will help the practice.

Upgrade Your Experience.

With AVA You Will...

  • be more relaxed and happy at work
  • be more productive, with doctor raving about the improvement
  • demand more income because of the way you're killing it
  • impress yourself by what you are able to accomplish

Now you can also use Ava's New Patient Tracker!

Just as Ava serves as an assistant for the TC, she now is also an assistant to the front desk team as she manages new leads and new patients through the process of getting an appointment, showing up and finding out how you did!  Watch the video below to learn more.

Don't delay, make your life easier today

with AVA.